The remote control is powered by two AA batteries. It has a switch and a LED showing the on/off status. The average battery life is about 400 hours of uninterrupted work. The internal inverter discharges the battery competely, which is why using rechargeable batteries is not advisable: complete discharge will damage them.

The rotational speed increases when pressing the joystick down. This is convenient for moving the head at a high speed while working comfortably at a low speed.

At power on, the joystick is automatically zero-calibrated, so that it will not rotate if it gets damaged.



The remote control has an advanced data communications protocol. It uses addressing, which prevents the influence of noise and other devices. Every camera head has its unique address. Several heads can work in the same location without interfering with each other. 


Getting started:

The remote control has an intuitive design. First, slide open the back battery compartment lid and insert the batteries. Close the lid. Switch on the power supply on the front panel without touching the joystick. The LED will light up. The remote control is ready for work. Engraved arrows show the direction of movement in the camera frame. When the shooting is over, turn off the power supply. 


IMG_8918bEquipment set:

  • Wireless remote control
  • Power supply (2 АА batteries)
  • Package
  • Manual


  • Power supply: 0,5 to 3,2 V
  • Range: line of sight — up to 50 m; indoors — 2 or 3 walls (about 10m).
  • Battery type: АА
  • Size: 120х70х30
  • Weight: 100 g without batteries
  • Humidity: up to 85% without condensation
  • Temperature range: -5°C to +45°C